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SMP 8 - Landguard Point to Two Tree Island

The SMP covers some 440 km of coast between Landguard Point in Felixstowe and Two Tree Island in the Thames Estuary. This SMP includes an intricate mix of islands and estuaries including polices for the Stour and Orwell estuary, Hamford Water, the Colne estuary, the Blackwater estuary and the Crouch and Roach estuary.

SMP 8 is led by the Environment Agency, and managed by the Essex SMP Working Group. 


The SMP Main Report - click here
Main Report Addendum - click here
Appendix A - SMP Development - click here
Appendix B - Engagement and consultation - click here
Appendix C - Baseline Processes - click here
Appendix D - Thematic Review - click here
Appendix E - Policy Development & Appraisal - click here
Appendix F - Shoreline Interactions & Responses - click here
Appendix G - Policy Appraisal - click here
Appendix H - Economic Appraisal - click here
Appendix I - Bibliograpic Database - click here
Appendix J - Sustainability Appraisal Signposting - click here
Appendix K - Water framework directive compliance assessment - click here
Appendix L - Strategic Environmental Assessment - click here
Regional Habitat Creation Assessment Statement - click here
Statement of Case for IROPI - click here
Habitats Regulations Assessment Report - click here

East Anglia Coastal Group | SMP 8