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SMP 5 - Hunstanton to Kelling Hard

The Hunstanton to Kelling Hard SMP, informally known as the North Norfolk SMP, covers approximately 75 kilometres of coastline from Old Hunstanton in the west to Kelling Hard in the east. This north facing frontage covers an intricate mosaic of marshes and creeks, which attract a wealth of important species, including Cley Marshes – one of the greatest places in Britain to see wildlife according to Sir David Attenborough. The coastline is also popular with tourists, attracted to the expansive sandy beaches and picturesque seaside towns and villages.

SMP 5 is managed by the Environment Agency, and the working group for this SMP is currently being developed.


The SMP Main Report - click here
Appendix A - SMP Development - click here
Appendix B - Engagement and consultation - click here
Appendix C - Baseline Processes - click here
Appendix D - Thematic Review - click here
Appendix E - Policy Development & Appraisal - click here
Appendix F - Shoreline Interactions & Responses - click here
Appendix G - Policy Appraisal - click here
Appendix H - Economic Appraisal - click here
Appendix I - Bibliograpic Database - click here
Appendix J - Sustainability Appraisal Signposting - click here
Appendix K - Water framework directive compliance assessment - click here
Appendix L - Strategic Environmental Assessment - click here
Appendix M - Appropriate Assessment - click here
Completion Report - click here
Item 8 North Norfolk Review - click here
Finalised QRG Spreadsheet - Review - click here
Finalised QRG Spreadsheet - Q & P - click here
Non-Technical Summary - click here
Plans, Policies and Programmes Assessment - click here
Post-Adoption Statement - click here
Statement of Environmental Particulars - click here
SMP Approval Form - click here

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